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Prerequisites required for Roku Activate

Before you start with the Roku Activate process, you must keep few things in mind that are required for the hassle-free activation.  

  • Internet Connection- Ensure that your Roku device is hooked up with the very strong Wi-Fi network connection. To connect to a network connection either use the SSID password and username or use the Ethernet cable to establish the connection. 
  • Roku Account– Another major point to keep in mind is that you must have a Roku Account to stream your favorite channels and a lot more. In case, you don’t have a particular account with Roku, visit its official page and register your account by entering the useful information. Follow the online guidelines for successfully setting up your account. 

Once these requirements are fulfilled you can conveniently activate your Roku device.

Descriptive procedure for the Roku Activate

Descriptive procedure for the Roku Activate
  • Start off the process by turning on your Roku TV and ensure that you have inserted the batteries into the remote control. 
  • Once you turn on your TV, simply hook up your TV with the same network as your computer is connected with. For the wireless connection, insert the password correctly into the specified field and tap Connect to set up the network connection. Alternatively, you can take the Ethernet (Network) cable and attach one end with a router and another end with your TV.
  • After completing the configuration process, your device will display a Roku Activate code right in front of you, write it down carefully at a safe place. 
  • Now, be prepared with the computing device and ensure that you are connected to a stable and high speed internet network. Continuing with the Roku Activate process, insert the web address rightly i.e within the address field. Hit the Enter key and wait for the pages to load properly on your device. 
  • Subsequently, in the desired webpage you are requested to input the Roku Code in the empty text field. Copy the activation code very carefully and check it twice to avoid Roku Activation issues. 
  • Select the Submit button presented on the bottom of the page.By doing so, you will be prompted to sign in to your account. Enter the roku login details accurately associated with the Roku account. 
  • If the users don’t have a particular account, they are supposed to to register with the Roku account. To establish the Roku account it is mandatory to mention the correct username and password that you want to link with the account. Along with this, you have to input the payment details as per the chosen payment method to successfully complete the Roku account creation process. 
  • Instantly, you will be asked to enter the name of your device and review the terms and conditions carefully. Deeply go through the link and read all the terms prescribed in it without skipping any important information. 
  • In the end you will be presented with the confirmation message that your Roku device is activated successfully. Along with this, your Roku channel will be updated and wait for it to complete and finally your Roku Activate process is completed.

Solutions to resolve Activation Issues

  • At times, the users might bear an error while inserting the Roku Activate code. So, in this situation, the users must try to insert the activation code once again carefully as sometimes the issue might be caused due to wrong activation code entered. If still the issue isn’t resolved then press the button indicating with the Star icon from the remote control. And then, opt for Get a new code link from the TV Screen. When the new activated code appears right in front of you, write it down carefully and go to the activation webpage i.e After that, use the new activation code and resolve the activation issue permanently. 
  • Just in case, you get stuck on the activation screen, ensure that you have gone through all the Roku Activate process. If you have missed any step in the activation, then retry it again by starting the activation process from the beginning. 
  • Apart from this, if you see the Error 001 and the message not connected on your TV screen, it represents that your TV is not attached with the network connection. Simply, select Try Again and then hook up your TV with the wired or wi-fi network connection to establish the connection with your router and TV. This will definitely help you in solving these errors permanently.